Epesi is ENS

Epesi is Not Software

Epesi is Enterprise Nervous System


No per user fee

Unlimited users forever

Free & MIT licence

Will remain free forever

No vendor lock-in

Lifetime access to code & your business data 24/7/365

Highly Customisable

Personal setup, translations, no-code low-code RAD

Manage your virtual business Epesi Management Philosophy way!

Epesi is groupware for organizing, managing and monitoring your company's workflow for IT professionals

The simplest way to organize business for free

Free and Open Source Epesi CRM

Epesi is not a CRM, Epesi is much more. ‌‌‌This Holocratic system will amaze you with its logic, configurability and accuracy of stored data. Epesi CRM will greatly simplify administration of your remote office work as well as in a traditional way. Epesi is Real Time management information, Paperless Office and Control of your business. ‌

 Epesi CRM modules

Hungry for more specialized modules?

Epesi ERP system

‌The Holy Grail of every entrepreneur is to have one integrated application or software platform with most of the business logic and procedures included. With Epesi it is possible! CRM Epesi can be easily customized with over 50 specialized ERP Premium Modules, ready to use and tested. Create your own sophisticated ERP system.

 Epesi ERP modules

If you need help with

Configuration & Implementation

Choosing implementation with the Epesi creator as well as very experienced IT systems implementator is a guarantee that your business is in the right hands. We provide an enormous amount of know-how and tips on how to make work more efficient and shorter to achieve the best “work-life-balance". ‌


Need a more unique module? build it yourself!

RAD no-code low-code building

The Epesi Framework allows you to build modules by "clicking and choosing" in the admin panel. This is known as RAD (Rapid Application Development). Thanks to that, even without programming skills, you can create your own module and sell it in our store which every Epesi customer can join. ‌ ‌

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Privacy. Security. No ads.

Host your Epesi on epesi.cloud

‌epesi.cloud is a small and independent cloud service provider. Our plans are fully managed and monitored. 
‌Getting Epesi on our hosting proved the fastest way to start effectively running your business in the cloud. 
Try epesi.cloud for free for 30 days!

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‌See our plans‌


FREEPer month

Self-hosted ‌
‌Open Source ‌
‌MIT licence‌



9.95Starting from €9.95 per month

Fully Managed ‌
‌Private & Secure 
‌‌Epesi Cloud



Per month

‌‌Private Cloud


No trackers. No ads.

Privacy.  Security. Transparency.  Freedom.

‌‌How can you avoid common business mistakes? ‌‌Use Epesi.

Epesi is built on tremendous experience on real life problems in adapting IT infrastructure from 96' for various SMB companies and also engineering background of the Epesi architect.

‌Don't reinvent the wheel and use Epesi as it is designed to.  You will become addicted to its logic, transparency and control of processes.

 Get it!
person-work years
language versions
over 6000
registered installation
$ 7 mln USD
estimated cost

‌What Epesi users are saying


Overall, it works great and its FREE!


Wonderful software. I am very impressed by the epesi it is the best open source I have worked with.


Excellent Software!!!! Very Easy to Use.We Like This Model Very Much... Using This Model We Easily Tracked the Records...Thanks So Much


Never had any problems with it. Highly recommended!


It supports almost any application yoou need! Really usefull


Great project. Very easy to use and not overloaded interface, special joy is the presence of a mobile client!


Amazing tool!! after first troubles during install the good help in the forum allowed successful use of this nice piece of software!! Good job!!


Powerfull, but easy to use - great job done folks! :)

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