Epesi Mission

We offer solutions. Not only software.

Know-how tips with solid, logical software tailored to your individual needs

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EPESI Team Mission

Create Open Source software, a multi-tasking tool for business processes automation and transparency, lifetime data access, independence from giants stealing our data and popularize first class IT & Management methodologies like DevOps and Agile.

Solutions in FOSS

Epesi BIM is a sophisticated system which you can endlessly personalize and use like a "Swiss army knife" for any business case. ‌We offer Epesi CRM/BIM for free with low-code no-code RAD business apps development, contributing to Open Source since 2006.

What's the effect?

Using Epesi, businesses save thousands of dollars, a lot of time and nerves. This software is a solution for cooperative efforts, being more productive, working in a shorter,  more efficient and logical way in the office and in the practical front of your business.

What's so valuable in it?

The Epesi’s architect Janusz Tylek was running an independent IT company from 94’ adapting complex IT infrastructure to various business kinds. Epesi is his answer to experiencing business problems and Your Chance to start and run your business on the right path.